Webinar: Breast Tumor Cryoablation for Breast Radiologists

Watch our webinar featuring Dr. Belinda-Barclay White of Scottsdale, Arizona and Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski of the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center to learn more about ProSense System technology and the techniques of performing breast tumor cryoablation from the breast surgeons perspective.

Webinar viewers will: 

  • Learn about the technology and techniques behind IceCure’s Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) based cryoablation with the ProSense™ System
  • Understand the rationale, technology, and advantages of cryoablation in treating breast tumors
  • Learn tips for reading post-cryoablation breast imaging 
  • Review the interim ICE3 data & case examples of breast tumor cryoablation