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Tumors can be removed surgically. This procedure is performed in the operating room and includes surgically removing the tumor and suturing (stitching) the incision closed. For tumors of the breast, depending on the size and its location, healing may result in an indentation or change in the shape and size of the breast. The size of the scar on the skin will vary depending on the size of the tumor.

Cryoablation – the use of freezing temperatures to completely destroy tissue – is an alternative to open surgery. Cryoablation technology is an established, effective therapy that has been used for decades to destroy benign and cancerous tumors in prostate, liver and other organs. The technology and procedure have now been optimized for breast tumors.

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A Using ultrasound imaging, a small probe (like a thin hollow needle) is guided into the tumor. Extremely cold temperatures are applied to destroy the tumor. Cryoablation is painless, as the freezing process acts with the local anesthesia to numb the area.
A Fibroadenomas are the most common type of breast tumor (lump) and about 50% of women seek treatment for them. A fibroadenoma is a solid (not fluid-filled) mass, with clearly defined edges and is typically round or oval in shape. Fibroadenomas are benign (non-cancerous) and may increase in size with time, particularly with hormonal changes. Treatment is typically sought due to rapid growth, general discomfort, or pain.
A The American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) states: “The FDA has approved the use of cryoablation as a safe and effective therapy for fibroadenomas.” ASBrS also reports that the results of cryoablation “demonstrate the procedure to be safe, efficacious, and durable.”
A ProSense™ cryoablation is a safe and effective way to treat breast tumors. The simple, ultrasound-guided office-based procedure can resolve the anxiety of undergoing a protracted and painful procedure. What’s more, the size and shape of your breast will not be affected, as no tissue is removed, and the treated tissue is gradually reabsorbed.
A Cryoablation with the ProSense™ system is faster than other options and usually takes less than 30 minutes. No stitches or other wound treatment is required after the procedure; an adhesive strip is sufficient to cover the tiny incision. Patients can return to work or regular activities right away.
A The tumor cells will be destroyed (ablated) during the ProSense™ cryoablation procedure. Your body will then reabsorb the destroyed cells over time. You will be able to feel the mass at first, but it gradually becomes smaller until it is fully absorbed. The time it takes varies, depending on the initial size of the mass and other factors.
APatients who undergo cryoablation as treatment for their fibroadenomas report high satisfaction from the procedure. Learn more from women who have shared their ProSense™ cryoablation experiences.
A ProSense™ is the optimal solution for various breast tumors, enabling quicker in-office treatment. Our cryoablation therapy is now also being used in interventional oncology applications. Current studies show favorable results treating kidney, lung, and bone cancer tumors.


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