Innovative BREAST CARE: cryoablation therapy with PROSENSE™

Treat Breast tumors in Office: painless,
fast, and effective

Provide patients with a safe and fast in-office breast care solution, ProSense™ cryoablation therapy for breast tumors. The liquid nitrogen-based ProSense™ treatment rapidly and effectively destroys fibroadenomas and malignant tumors with an advanced probe and console setup.

ADVANTAGES of using ProSense for
breast tumor treatment

Clinically proven

Clinically proven

Cost effective in-office treatment breast tumor cryoablation treatment

Short treatment time – less than 30 minutes

Touche Screen

Touch-screen console

ProSense Cryoablation System by IceCure Medical
Choice of probes

Choice of probes for
customized treatment

(small disposable

Low pressure, safe, convenient and easy to use

Low pressure, safe,
convenient and easy to

Painless with immediate return to daily activities

A painless breast care treatment where the patients can immediately return to daily activities

FDA 510(k) cleared and CE marked

FDA cleared and
CE marked


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“When treating multiple fibroadenomas, the patient often requires multiple operations
for excision and is left with multiple scars. ProSenseTM is a good alternative to regular surgery. It’s a very compact system and simple to operate. We perform the procedure under local anesthesia and there’s no pain and no adverse reactions. It’s actually very similar to core-cut biopsy and lasts less than 5-15 minutes. All of our patients are very satisfied with it. They’re able to go home immediately after the procedure and don’t experience complications. Over time, the destroyed fibroadenoma is completely replaced by natural fibrotic tissue.”

Dr. Jan Danes MD, Professor of Radiology, Charles University in Prague


The ProSense™ system is  a new hope in breast care, and is considered an optimal solution for treating breast cancer. Clinical studies conducted worldwide with results published in peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrate that cryoablation treatment enables shorter, simpler, and cost-effective procedures, with lower risk of infections and complications.

Additional support can be found in the recent American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS) guidelines announcement and from the promising early evaluation of the IceCure’s extensive ICE3 clinical trial in the U.S.

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